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Royal ski runner


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The concept is not new, similar devices have been on the market for quite some time, but until recently they were not exactly in the spotlight. The change began when members of the Crossfit community accepted the device as their own, later it was used by fitness trainers and athletes involved in specific strength sports as well.Why has a device imitating the movement of cross-country skiing gained in popularity? The first advantage is in increasing (muscular) endurance. When we do push-ups, for example, we are not stopped by a lack of air, but by the acid that accumulates in the muscles. The more endurance we train, the more we will be able to achieve. The cross-country ski simulator is one of the few devices that focuses on upper body muscle endurance. The muscles of the back, shoulders and chest will be most exposed during training on the device. Another advantage is that your joints will not suffer during the workout. This workout is also suitable for those who have suffered a neck or back injury in the past. Have you ever heard of the triple extension? This is the third reason why the cross-country ski simulator is so popular. We usually start the exercise in a slightly bent posture (think of jumping on a plyo box: first bend the knees and hips slightly to get a boost) and then stretch completely. This is a triple extension that is typical for most exercises in Olympic weightlifting, jumping or sprinting. On the simulator, the exercises are performed in the reverse order, which is great for extra stability and strength. For the body, the new way of moving is, after all, a shock, which has been proven to help with faster progress.

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Hmotnost 30.0 kg
Rozměry 70.0 × 135.0 × 60.0 mm

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