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Royal motion weight vest


ROYAL MOTION VESTWho would have thought that this piece of fabric with weights is one of the best accessories to bring your cardio training to a higher level. Training with a weighted vest has a similar effect as resistance training, but when exercising with a vest, the added weight is constant, so the muscles and cardiovascular system have to adapt to endure and to carry your new weight. Consequently, you will burn more calories, increase fat burning, and strengthen the heart and lungs.The vest is designed to offer better mobility, is airier and does not interfere when performing various exercises.You can order just an empty vest or add also the weights.The weights are flat, and can be inserted at the front or/and back of the vest.I pesi possono essere posizionati sulla parte anteriore e / o posteriore della giacca.The weights are available in two different sizes:6 mm that weight 3,8 kg8 mm thick that weight 4,3 kg.Weights are suitable only as a sports accessory and should never be used in bulletproof vests.

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