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Outlet -kingsbox rubber grip kettlebell


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We dressed the standard iron Kettlebell weights in a layer of hard plastic. What for? There are several reasons, but if we emphasise only two: iron kettlebells can chip with use and on the surface, scratches and damages appear. This, of course, spoils the image of a tidy gym, but not only this – such pieces of equipment can damage the floor, other pieces of equipment or the trainee, which we certainly do not want. The second reason is the (in)experience of users: for beginners, these weights are less intimidating and it is better for them to have a firm grip on the weights. The trainees can also more easily notice if they are performing the exercises correctly, which is of upmost importance when it comes to kettlebells.Warranty on Outlet products.The specific difficulties of the purchaser with the outlet products of the company KingsBox d.o.o. will be treated individually, case by case.You can not return products from outlet category.

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Hmotnost 8.0 kg
Rozměry 225.0 × 285.0 × 215.0 mm


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