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Outlet – the womens mad bar


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Made in the EU.This Olympic barbell for weightlifting is a female version of the male Mad bar.The diameter of the bar is smaller, the ribbing (also central) is slightly more gentle, so the bar is more suitable for women’s palms. The load-bearing capacity of the bar is limited to 300 kg and its tensile strength is 180,000 PSI. The sliding bearings are of good quality and are less expensive than needle bearings.The bar’s special feature is the dividing part between the sleeves and the central part, which is not cylindrical in shape as we are used to with standard bars, but triangular instead, so that the unloaded bar does not roll away.Warranty on Outlet products.The specific difficulties of the purchaser with the outlet products of the company KingsBox d.o.o. will be treated individually, case by case.You can not return products from outlet category.

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Hmotnost 27.52 kg
Rozměry 39.8 × 225.0 × 10.0 mm

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