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Kingsbox ez curl dumbbells


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KingsBox EZ Curl dumbbell weights are available in different weights: 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg and 50 kg. The first question that comes naturally with such a product is: why would I buy a special product when I can buy dumbbell weights (and then use them for a wider range of exercises)? Why dont I just buy an EZ Curl bar and put the plates I already have at my disposal on it? We have the answer to both questions!The wavy shape reduces stress on the wrists as the palms rotate partially inward. This applies not only to biceps curl exercises, but also to extensions, pulls and other exercises (for example skull crusher). With exercises with an Olympic barbell and with “ordinary” hexagonal handles, the wrists suffer, but not when using the EZ Curl bar. Great news for those who are still beginners, recover from injury or simply want to protect their joints and muscles from pain. To answer the second question: for domestic use, it is, of course, quite enough to have an EZ Curl stick and various weights. The effect of the workout will be the same. For professional gyms, however, a multi-weight carrier is almost a must-have, so that athletes can quickly switch between different weights without having to waste energy with plates in between sets.

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Hmotnost 10.5 kg
Rozměry 0.0 × 1000.0 × 300.0 mm

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