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Kingsbox competition kettlebell 2.0


The KingsBox competition kettlebells are made of 100% steel, which ensures a long life for them, despite their daily use. The main difference between the cast iron kettlebell and the competition Kettlebell is, in addition to the material, their size: the competition Kettlebells in fact do not vary in size. Regardless of whether you train with an 8 kg Kettlebell or a 32 kg Kettlebell, the dimensions of the ball and the handle will remain unchanged. In addition, the handles of these Kettlebells are a little thinner and can be safely sprinkled with magnesium, which will ensure a comfortable and secure grip, even for those with small hands, In this way, you can train without being afraid that the Kettlebell will slip from your hand even when there will be many repetitions to do. In addition, our Kettlebells have different colors for each weight, so you can identify the desired weight even from afar.We also have kettlebell packages and cast-iron kettlebell!

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