The mad hydra


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Made in Europe.Recently, we have noticed that pulley systems are becoming increasingly popular. We follow the trends, of course, and wish to offer you as many product variations as possible. This is why we have developed The Mad Hydra, which is available in three versions that you can choose from in the drop-down list. All three available versions have a height-adjustable pulley on one pillar, with which you can perform pulling exercises in a neutral position, and a fixed pulley on the other pillar the carabiner with an attachment can be secured at the top (for pulling exercises) or at the bottom (for squats, rowing simulations, etc.). All three versions also have a connecting pull up bar for all exercises that can be performed on a bar. The difference between the three versions is hidden between the last two pillars. One of the variations includes shelves for putting away sports equipment. By now, you probably already know how important a tidy space is to us, as we are convinced that by putting the equipment away, its durability can be prolonged and unnecessary damage prevented. The second variation features two Facemount PU bars, which are mounted on the back. In this way, the number of stations is increased and more trainees can use the device. With the third variation, we wanted to take care of those who would like to further strengthen the muscles of the arms and back, so the Multigrip bar was installed on the device. Of course, all the other accessories that are suitable for the Mighty series can be additionally bought – from mortars for greater stability, to dip bars and other functional attachments.Version 1: 2xAdjustable Pulley, 6xMortar, Multi Grip, 3xDumbbell Shelf, 2xBallhelfVersion 2: 2xStatic Pulley, 6xMortar, Multi Grip, 3xDumbbell Shelf, 2xBallhelfVersion 3: 1xAdjustable Pulley, 1xStatic Pulley, 6xMortar, 1xFace Mount Pulp BarVersion 4: 2xAdjustable Pulley, 6xMortar, 1xFace Mount Pullp BarVersion 5: 2xStatic Pulley, 6xMortar, 1xFace Mount Pulp BarVersion 6: 1xAdjustable Pulley, 1xStatic Pulley, 6xMortar, 1xModulGripVersion 7: 2xAdjustable Pulley, 6xMortar, 1xModul GripVersion 8: 2xStatic Pulley, 6xMortar, 1xModular Gripre danni al pavimento in caso di caduta.Version 9: 1xAdjustable Pulley, 1xStatic Pulley, 6xMortar, Multi Grip, 3xDumbbell Shelf, 2xShelf

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