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Kingsbox cable cross over (adj. + static)


If we notice a trend, you can be sure that we will soon offer you our own version of the product, which will be functional and of high quality. Recently, we have picked up on the trend of using pulley systems and, of course, we are now presenting our own version of it to you.KB Cable Cross Over has a height-adjustable pulley on one pillar, with which you can perform pulling exercises in a neutral position, and a fixed pulley on the other pillar the carabiner with an attachment can be secured at the top (for pulling exercises) or at the bottom (for squats, rowing simulations, etc.). Exercises on the device can be performed by two people at the same time, each on their own pulley, or by one trainee, who can secure the attachments below or above, strengthening a larger set of muscles or focusing only on one specific muscle. Basically, this device is a multifunctional, flexible device, on which the whole body can be trained.

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