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Royal hi temp rubber floor (100×100 cm)


The KingsBox rubber base is durable and suitable for exercises where heavy loads are thrown to the ground. The base cushions fall and prevent the barbells and reels from bouncing, while also reducing noise. By installing the rubber, you dont only protect the floor, but also the equipment and athletes. The base can be placed over the entire surface of the gym, under the platform for weightlifting or with the purpose of adding height to the plyo box. It is also useful in functional gyms.KingsBox is the sole distributor of this product.100% made in Europe with European Recycling materials.ISO standards certifications.Easy to clean without the need for a floor cleaning machine. Water jet cut edges to ensure maximum precision. Zero gaps between tiles.1,5 100×100 – 14 kg2,0 100×100 – 18,50 kg3,0 100×100 – 30 kgKingsBox is only a reseller for this type of flooring.Free shippinh above 5999 € does not apply to rubber flooring.

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