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Royal fixed handles


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Made for your hands. You can choose between 4 different lengths of Royal Fixed Handles, but they all have in common the perfect neoprene coating hand grip that offers an angle palm rest and in this way helps to correct posture and reduce momentum. The neoprene coating gives you a completely different but comfortable touch compared to the classic cable attachments.Overall a great addition to your pulley machine whether for home gym setups or for commercial facilities. Royal Fixed L handle This bar comes with a more aggressive angle than the wide bar and the arms aremore extended, allowing you to pull the bar closer to your chest toincrease the thickness of your lat. Royal Fixed M handle Perfect for behind-the-head pulldowns without the awkward twists of shoulders.Targets both your lats and biceps at the same time Royal Fixed S handle A popular tricep pull-down attachment that isolates your tricepseffectively at a different angle to the wrists. Feel the sturdyisolation from every rep. Royal Fixed XS handle Also known as the anchor. A great attachment for performing mixed upper bodyworkouts targeting arms, chest, and shoulders. Upward facing palm-restsalso, help to stimulate upper back muscles more effectively. Coating: Neoprene grips and high-quality steel Compatible: with all stack and plate-loaded pulley systems

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Hmotnost 1.0 kg
Rozměry 52.0 × 11.0 × 4.0 mm

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