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Royal deadlift power bar


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Deadlift is an exercise that some people love, while others say it’s dangerous and complicated. We believe that deadlifts are neither dangerous nor complicated, but can easily become if performed improperly or when the body is not ready yet for such movement with weight.With Deadlifts we activate the “posterior muscle chain” (which is often neglected) and is one of the best exercises when we decide to lose some weight or if we wish to shape the legs and glute muscles.The exercise can be performed also with an Olympic barbell, but with our Royal Deadlift Power Bar, that was designed especially for this exercise, you will achieve proper execution of the deadlift. The bar’s diameter is slightly smaller as by the normal barbell (27mm instead of 28mm), the bar is also longer. Due to these two characteristics is the grip better and lifting becomes easier.

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Hmotnost 20.0 kg
Rozměry 8.0 × 225.0 × 8.0 mm

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