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Made in EU.The rack you can see in the picture is already in somebody’s possession at home. Crazy, isn’t it? We were so impressed with the design that we quickly decided – we have to offer it to everyone!You can install the bar holders on the front two pillars and perform all those exercises where no additional guards are needed. If you look up, the grips for adjusted pull-ups are already there and waiting for you to use them. With this type of pull-ups, you can train specific muscle groups of the back and arms, each group at a different time.The combination of the first and second type of pillars allows the installation of safety pins, so you can perform exercises where you need a safety partner. If you do not have a workout buddy nearby, do not worry, as the pins will protect you perfectly. They can also be used to help you perform customized deadlifts and many other exercises.The central part between the second and third set of pillars is wider and has a pull-up bar and a multi grip bar on top and is very convenient as you can use it for wide or narrower pull-ups and chin ups.The last part of the structure is used to store equipment: discs, Olympic barbells, perhaps you can add other accessories to the side (a dip bar is included in this set) and thus add a cherry on top of this steel cake.*All steel parts of the structure in the photo are part of the package.

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