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Hspu plexiglass wall (mighty)


Handstand push ups are scary, arent they? There is a high probability that you will easily skip workouts that incude this exercise, as you are convinced that this exercise can only be performed by demigods and athletes who have the right predispositions. But what if we tell you a secret? Anyone can do a handstand push-up, and the sooner you start perfecting your knowledge, the sooner you will be able to brag about this newly-learned ability. As a result, you will remarkably strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the torso. With the HSPU Plexiglass Wall rack attachment, we can help you on your journey. The high-quality clear plexiglass panel can easily be screwed to any pillar and your Handstand station is then ready to be used. The wall in the gym will stay clean, and you will have all the necessary elements for the workout at your fingertips and will not have to lose valuable energy by moving around the gym.

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