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Mighty oliphant lateral raise


45 320  včetně DPH

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The ultimate addition to your Mighty Series rigs and racks! This machine is made in Europe from the highest quality European steel and features a sleek black powder coated finish for a professional look in any gym environment. Specifically designed for working the shoulder muscles and imitating lateral raises with dumbbells. With 2 independently mounted training arms, you can even train one arm at a time for targeted muscle development.It has a unique ability to create an ideal resistance curve that adapts to the strength curve of the shoulder muscle. This means that you can achieve the perfect resistance throughout your entire range of motion. The gas spring system removes most of the weight when adjusting the height. Despite its robust construction, the KingsBox Lateral Raise is surprisingly easy to adjust. The machine is compatible with standard 50mm plates so you can easily add weight to your workout. Before you start using the product, you must make sure that the rack is firmly fixed to the floor.

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Hmotnost 38.62 kg
Rozměry 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 mm

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