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Lat destroyer 2.0


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Made in Europe.We believe that every product, that we offer on the market must be not only beautiful, but especially useful and, if possible, multifunctional. A great example of such a product is the lat destroyer. Basically, it is a steel rod with two handles at an angle of 90 degrees and two at an angle of 60 degrees, offering us different grips every time, which reflects in training different muscle groups. The product is powder coated and offers a rough non slippery grip.The Lat destroyer was developed for Mighty SPS, but can be connected simply with a karabiner to any fitness device that works on a pulley system. If you attach the the lat destroyer on the top wire rope, you can perform exercises by pulling down in the vertical direction (pulling at font, behind the neck …), while if you attach it frontally, you can simulate rowing.The third method of using the lat destroyer does not require any additional devices, but only your own weight: place it on the floor, turn it into V position, place your hands on the handles and start doing push-ups. If you want to keep the Lat destroyer, during push-ups, in place and don’t want it to wobble you will have to use your core muscles quite a lot.Warning! The product weighs 7,3kg, so when using the product on multifunction stations with pulleys and flat weights it is necessary for the safety catch to be adjusted to a minimum weight of 10kg.

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Hmotnost 8.41 kg
Rozměry 250.0 × 1240.0 × 136.0 mm

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