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Grip board on royal rig


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For ordinary mortals, climbers are a very admirable species and are considered to be almost demigods, as they constantly push the limits of their capabilities and test their bodies. The benefits of this sport can now also be tested in the gym or at home: you can train with the muscles of the whole body, improve flexibility, balance and fitness. An important aspect of climbing is also the well-being of mental health, as climbing has been shown to reduce stress, focus the mind, enable better problem solving and boost self-confidence.The climbing board conceived by our KingsBox engineers can be attached to steel structures (rigs) or attached directly to the wall. Each climbing construction has 15 grips, but additional grips can be bought separately.Three different boards are available, each serving its own purpose: the first one is the base board, which is parallel to the pillars of the rig, the next one is placed at an angle of 25° and comes with connecting elements, and the last board is designed as a vertical continuation and is again parallel to the pillars.

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Hmotnost 20.24 kg
Rozměry 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 mm


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