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Reverse hyper rig attachment


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Reverse Hyper is a piece of equipment like no other. Exercises on it provide an increase in strength and can also be performed during rehabilitation periods as the back can be fully under control during the exercise. This piece of equipment is great for developing the glute, thigh and lower back muscles without straining the spine. However, the normal Reverse Hyper has one flaw: it is quite large and consequently impractical for some. With this in mind we designed the Reverse Hyper Rig Attachment, which can be mounted directly on the steel structure, between two pillars at a distance of 110 cm. It can be mounted on both the Mighty and the Royal series of rigs and racks that have holes on the side. It consists of a footrest, a flat base for the torso and two handles. It is screwed to the column with two screws.Before you start using the product, you must make sure that the rack is firmly fixed to the floor.

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Hmotnost 38.74 kg
Rozměry 1100.0 × 530.0 × 970.0 mm

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