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As the very name suggests, this bar was made in its entirety in the EU, more precisely in Slovenia. This is our upgrade of the Swiss Bar. The transverse handles are placed at different angles, which allows you to train different grips and thus strengthening of different isolated micro muscle groups, especially the triceps.Mighty Swiss bar is excellent for anyone who may have wrist or shoulder problems or would like to reduce pressure on the wrist and shoulder joints. The bar is compatible with all standard steel racks and Olympic weights.The bar is 2040 mm long and hasfour handles on each side, of which the inner two are welded at an angle. The handles are welded at different distances from one another, giving trainees the ability to train three different grips, consequently targeting different muscle groups. It is also worth mentioning the rough surface of the handles, which is ribbed.Because of its unique shape, when training with the Mighty Swiss Bar on a rig and rack, you will actually be resting the bar on its sleeves. Because of this, we’ve added a pair of adjustable safety rings on the sleeves. With them you can make sure, that you leave enough space on the sleeves, to safely rest the bar on J-cups of your rig or rack.There are two versions available. The first, the basic one, has a pair of adjustable safety rings with which you can make sure, that you leave enough space on the sleeves, to safely rest the bar on J-cups of your rig or rack. To the second version, weve added a square between the middle part of the bar and its sleeves and thus prevented the bar to rotate when resting on the J-Cups.

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Hmotnost 13.0 kg
Rozměry 160.0 × 1010.0 × 330.0 mm

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