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Sissy squat (named after a Greek mythological king Sisyphus) is the best exercise for the front thigh muscles (quadriceps), and since stabilization and balance are one of the main components of this exercise also core muscles must be activated.If we perform the exercises regularly and correctly, we improve the strength of the quadriceps, and balance the strength of the front muscles and the muscles of the buttocks. Even if the exercise seems to be unsuitable for knees, it’s quite the contrary – with proper execution of the exercise, the knees are even more protected!You can do the exercise also without any additional accessories, which seems, to put it mildly, a bit strange, but still not most effective. Use the KingsBox Sissy Squat Trainer to ensure that the exercise is properly performed. Both the backrest and the padded rollers, with which your legs are blocked, can be adjusted to your needs.

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Hmotnost 10.0 kg
Rozměry 610.0 × 810.0 × 410.0 mm

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