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Branch (royal)


Designed and produced in Europe.The Royal Branch has been designed to create another training post on the Royal Rig. With just one branch you obtain another place for the Muscle Up, Ring Dips, Ring rows, and you can even hang a boxing bag on it. Royal Branch is made of 60 x 60 mm steel profile, which provides additional safety, during exercises. The products are powdercoated in black color, upon request is available also in the colour of your structure.* It is advisable to install the product at a height of 3600mm, for proper and safe execution of exercises.* The cage must be screwed to the floor.* To provide greater security during the training we and safe execution of excercises we advise to remove all other accessories from the column on which the Branch is fixated.• the package includes also 2 screwsBefore you start using the product, you must make sure that the rack is firmly fixed to the floor.

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