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A leg press machine designed for the real kings and queensAs the very name suggests, the leg press is a strength fitness device designed to perform the leg press exercise in a safe and controlled way.Usually, each person has a dominant side of the body, for example, their right leg. When lifting, that dominant side takes up the larger share of the load. This means that the dominant side becomes even stronger and the difference between both legs becomes even greater. That is why we designed The Mad King – so that that plates can be pushed simultaneously with both legs or they can be separated and the trainee can train each leg individually.Overcome the difference between both legsThe Mad King allows you to completely isolate your leg muscles and prevents the dominant leg from taking on the majority of the load. This is helpful for beginners that are not skilled enough to perform squats, for athletes recovering from injury, and also for those who want to completely isolate their leg muscles for optimal strengthening.Made in EuropeThe device is made of profiles measuring 80 x 80, which have already been tested and are recognized as a KingsBox trademark. The profiles are connected by steel plates, which serve as an excellent connecting element and at the same time give the product the industrial and mighty look, which is a distinguishing feature in the KingsBox equipment.

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Hmotnost 400.0 kg
Rozměry 2564.0 × 1846.0 × 1393.0 mm

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