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The crazy queens leg extension


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Crazy Queen will be most happy by the Mad Kings side. Both machines focus on building leg muscles, but this one allows you to do two different exercises. One is a seated leg extension, which works your quadriceps. With a quick shift of the seating, you can also perform a lying leg curl. This exercise is focused on the posterior thigh muscle but it also helps train gluteus and hip flexors. You can train each leg separately, preventing the dominant leg from taking the major part of the load. Thus you can work to minimize the difference between both legs.We wanted to keep our industrial design style, so we used 80×80 profiles and cutout details that are typical for our equipment. The idea is that the design of the machine matches the rest of your gym. Crazy Queen is a plate-loaded machine. To add weight you use standard weight plates with a 50 mm hole diameter.

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Hmotnost 124.07 kg
Rozměry 1250.0 × 1400.0 × 650.0 mm

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