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Royal color bumper plates 2.0 25kg (pair)


Olympic Colored rubber discs, have a standard 450 mm diameter just like all Olympic bumpers. They were designed mainly for large gyms, to better distinguish the weights, hence bumper colors vary according to weigh. The ring of the bumper’s central hole is made of steel that is melted with rubber, which increases their resistance and ensures it’s long life. To guarantee a solid grip, we have added two anchoring rods to the insertion hole, which prevent the central part from rotating. You can choose between different weights: 5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg or 25 kg.The 5 kg discs are not designed to be thrown freely on the floor, but must in anycase be put down in a safe manner, thus preventing their damage.Are you looking for professional barbells for your new Bumper Plates? Click to see our collection of professional Olympic barbells!Disc thickness: 5kg – 25mm, 10kg – 43.5mm, 15kg – 62.5mm, 20kg – 72.5mm, 25kg – 80.5mm

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