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Quick fit seat for pulley stations


Compatible with all the Mighty Pulley stations, the Mighty Quick fit seat is a great accessory, that will be especially helpful for the owners of the fixed version of pulley stations.The main function of this add-on is to fix your knees when you are training, for example, Lat pull downs. It has a special 2-type adjustable system that allows you not only to adjust the pillows of the seat, so you can fit perfectly your feet inside the seat but also allows you to adjust the height of the seat, by simply taking the safety pin bolt out of the uprights and adjust the seat to your desired height.Pillows material: High-dense European-made foam and artificial leather.Compatibility: With all accessories from Mighty Series.Size: Universal size for fitting all body types.*the Rig needs to be bolted to the ground.Before you start using the product, you must make sure that the rack is firmly fixed to the floor.

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