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Outlet – kingsbox undercover kettlebells


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Functional exercise has already taken over the world of sports enthusiasts, as they have realized that they can evenly strengthen the muscles of the whole body and learn movement patterns that will serve them well outside of the gym. Among the aids we use in functional training is also the kettlebell weight. With certain adjustments, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes, and with it, we can train several muscle groups at the same time. With kettlebell weights we can perform a lot of exercises, including heavy squats, pushes, pulls, swings, and the so-called Turkish get up, which is a challenge for even the most experienced athletes. Kettlebells are therefore versatile and almost indispensable. However, we admit that they have one drawback – they get damaged pretty quickly. Even during the exercises, some paint can chip off, and the biggest culprit for their ugly look is the act of putting them away. In the gym, there is usually a dedicated corner for them, and when we put the weights away, they rub against each other and thus lose their shiny appearance over time. Thats why we decided to offer a new solution – kettlebell weights which are dressed in a robust imitation of leather. The soft rim protects the floor as well as the weight and, last but not least, the trainee. The grip is still the way youre used to from the previous KingsBox series.Warranty on Outlet products.The specific difficulties of the purchaser with the outlet products of the company KingsBox d.o.o. will be treated individually, case by case.You can not return products from outlet category.

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Hmotnost 4.0 kg
Rozměry 120.0 × 120.0 × 180.0 mm

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