Mighty yoke mx-40 ii


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Made in Europe.Strong Man workouts are designed with one goal in mind: to become stronger and better at facing the difficult physical challenges. Of course, you can do Strong Man workouts in every gym, but every true enthusiast knows that he needs some specific pieces of equipment for optimal training.One of such special pieces is the Yoke, which is extremely effective during stability workouts but also works great when we want to strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders, calves and thighs.Unlike the Royal version, Mighty Yoke has thicker steel columns (80 × 80 mm) measuring 194 cm in height. Yoke has several functions, as it can also be used as a squat rack, as a help for exercises on the bench and on (artificial) grass, instead of a sled. Beside the barbell support which you can mount on it (included in the price), you can also use the Mighty Angel Arms to keep you safe while performing bench exercises.

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Hmotnost 68.0 kg
Rozměry 1477.2 × 1312.0 × 1936.0 mm

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