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Mighty power rack cx-35 with storage


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Imagine the following scenario: a corner in your home that you would like to turn into a gym has freed up. There is not much space, but your wishes are so much bigger instead. We understand you. Everyone wants to do a full workout in one place and have things under control. Thats why we have upgraded our Mighty CX 35 rack by filling its last useless side with shelves and added a few more accessories that will allow you to fully train and strengthen all muscle groups. On the Mighty CX 35 Storage, you can train with an Olympic barbell and bumper weights. When you don’t need these two pieces of equipment, you can put away the barbell on the One bar rack and hang the plates on the Mortar bumper racks the weights will thus serve as an additional stabilizer of the steel rack. This is especially important when performing various lifts on the Multi grip attachment or on the front Grip bar, with which your back muscles can be efficiently trained. For a full functional training, the package also includes a Land mine. All other accessories (balls, handles and kettlebell weights) can also be safely stored on the shelves: this ensures your safety during training and prevents damage to the equipment.

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Hmotnost 164.0 kg
Rozměry 10.0 × 0.0 × 2500.0 mm

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