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není skladem - individuální poptávka

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The KingsBox Sisyphus Leg press is made to last a lifetime and withstand constant daily heavy weight training.One of the main advantages of this leg press machine is the ability to allow every athlete to adjust the leg press to their needs. The adjustable seat allows the user to find the perfect position for their body type.With the help of two handles you can adjust where you start and finish your lift.We gave extra attention to safety and added a safety blocker in the middle of the machine where you can adjust the lowest point the weights will travel, so you are safe even if you fail your lift.We also used 30 mm lead roads and linear bearings to make the weight plate move as smoothly without any special maintenance.The leg press plate is made from thick steel and covered with a second plate with laser-cut lines that have the anti-slip function.The Sisyphus Leg Press is also very user-friendly and intuitive to work out with. When you sit on it for the first time, you need about 30 seconds to understand how it works.The machine is painted with powder coating and is compatible with all standard Olympic weight plates with a 50 mm hole diameter.Specifications:Length of loading area on sleeves: 41cmFootplate size: 70X55cmSafety pins positions: 1. Position 80cm, 2. Position 100cm

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Hmotnost 130.0 kg
Rozměry 1350.0 × 1500.0 × 200.0 mm

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