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Competition bumper plate 15kg (pair)


When developing these Bumpers we had in mind all experienced Olympic weight lifters to who are familiar with competitions. For the most effective training, the color of the discs differs according to the weight, so trainers and athletes can quickly replace or add suitable discs. The diameter of the discs is adapted to the IWF standards (450 mm), but these bumpers are narrower than others, which allows to load more weight on the barbell. The stainless-steel insert has a larger diameter, that prolongs its lifetime even with high intensity trainings.The 5 kg discs are not designed to be thrown freely on the floor, but must in anycase be put down in a safe manner, thus preventing their damage.Disc thickness:5kg: 25 mm10kg: 32 mm15kg: 41 mm20kg: 52 mm25kg: 61 mm

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