Adjustable kettlebell


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Made in Slovenia.Who isnt familliar with kettlbell training? If you haven’t got a chance to train with them yet, let us tell to you that training with kettlebell weights is great for raising your heart rate and increasing muscle mass, especially the back muscle chain. Adjustable kettlebell weights are no better or worse than standard kettlebells, known to all. The only difference is that they will save you space and money.If you mostly work out in the gym, then you probably won’t need an adjustable kettlebell. We recommend it more for those of you who train at home: with this solution, you will always have weights that will grow with you and serve you for a wide variety of workouts at hand.We imagined an attachment that has a handle on one side, as is the case with all classic kettlebells, whereas the other side can be loaded with micro weights, which you can prevent from moving using a lock jaw collar.

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Hmotnost 2.6 kg
Rozměry 200.0 × 400.0 × 100.0 mm

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